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Whether you're looking for a comprehensive study guide for the NREMT exam or a study guide that dives deep into a specific topic, we've got them! Our study guides are instant downloads - no wait time, start studying today!

What We Offer

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Fail the NREMT 3 times and need a refresher? Preparing for your first attempt? We have the most comprehensive NREMT Review & NCCP Refresher Courses on the market. Our course covers the most critical topics of your EMT course or Paramedic Program and we pair those lectures with our incredibly popular NREMT Study Guides. The course also offers "topics to know" and review quizzes.


Whether you're preparing for the NCLEX for the first time or the sixth, our NCLEX Review Course will help you be successful! This course has been the missing piece for students with multiple failed attempts and over 10 years out of nursing school!

Hours of on-demand lectures and review quizzes!


Private, online tutoring lessons! That's right, work with one of our incredibly experienced instructors to prepare for your next test or the NREMT.


Choose from one of our plans to have a team of educators with decades of experience review your NREMT results and create study plan for you! Plans include personalized NREMT exam results review, NREMT Study Guides, access to our NREMT Review Courses and private tutoring!

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NREMT accepted EMS CE - live and distributive education hours available. Our live course plan delivers the NREMT-required 60 hours over 24 months! Live lectures occur on the first, second and third Wednesday of each month!



Do you want to bring Pass with PASS to your program? We can offer licensing agreements or discounts on bulk orders! We have partnered with several EMT and Paramedic Programs across the U.S. and want to partner with you, too!

Your Comprehensive

Solution to NREMT & NCLEX Prep​​

Created by educators with over 34 years of experience - Pass with PASS is certain to be the missing link in your study routine. 

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Malik, Paramedic

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Nicole, Paramedic

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Tierra, RN

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Caleb, Paramedic

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Ryan, Paramedic

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Rose, Paramedic

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Kylie, RN

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Elena, RN

Emergency Vehicles

A Review From A Paramedic Program Director

The Pass with PASS program has proven to be the missing link for our students over the past 2 courses. With the change for Illinois paramedic programs over to NREMT testing, COVID, and internal program instructor issues, the hill was a steep one to climb! After seeing poor first-attempt pass rates on the NREMT exams from our students, I began researching study programs that were both cost-effective, and manageable. The Pass with PASS program breaks down content into very doable, bite-sized pieces that do not overwhelm the learner. The presentation format is effective in that it appeals to the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners- and the instructors are extremely knowledgeable. Our students' next attempts at the NREMT have resulted in OVERWHELMINGLY positive outcomes, and I attribute that to this program. I continue to refer this program to my colleagues and students alike, and will forever be grateful for Brandon and Adam. 

-TJ, Illinois

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After 6 attempts, I finally passed the NREMT-P exam! Your NREMT Review Course and Paramedic NREMT Study Guide really helped me - I don't think I could have done it without your help! I wish I would have found you sooner - highly recommend, 12/10!

Matt, Paramedic

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After 4 attempts, I finally passed! I want to thank you guys so much for everything you guys do! Your program helped me out to the max. Totally helped me understand what I couldn't grasp when I was in paramedic school.

Javier, Paramedic

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The study guide was so helpful! I took the NREMT 3x prior to this. This time, it just clicked. It helped me gain the confidence I needed to pass the exam. I'll keep the study guide so that I can always review it. 

Rosetta, EMT

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Thank you so much! I recommend every EMT student preparing to take the NREMT to buy one of your study guides! I could not have passed without it!

Tori, EMT

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Alie, Paramedic

Passed on my first attempt at 80 questions! Used the Paramedic Study Guide Bundle and had a lot of questions that were covered in the study guides that I would not have remembered otherwise! Thank you!

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I bought the NREMT Paramedic Study Guide. It helped me understand a lot of things I didn't from Medic School. It really, "Dumbed it down."

Zuri, Paramedic

Meet the Instructors

Pass with PASS, LLC was founded in 2019 after realizing a huge need in initial EMS education. Comprehensive review courses, study guides, private tutoring - there were so many resources missing for EMS students. With this, Pass with PASS was born...



Adam has been in EMS education for over 20 years and although recently retired from the fire service, continues to be active in EMS education.


Co-Founder | Instructor



Brandon has been in EMS education for over 12 years and is currently a Captain/EMS Coordinator with the Hebron Fire Protection District.


Co-Founder | Instructor

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