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TJ, Paramedic Program Director

The Pass with PASS program has proven to be the missing link for our students over the past 2 courses. With the change for Illinois paramedic programs over to NREMT testing, COVID, and internal program instructor issues, the hill was a steep one to climb! After seeing poor first-attempt pass rates on the NREMT exams from our students, I began researching study programs that were both cost-effective, and manageable. The Pass with PASS program breaks down content into very doable, bite-sized pieces that do not overwhelm the learner. The presentation format is effective in that it appeals to the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners- and the instructors are extremely knowledgeable. Our students' next attempts at the NREMT have resulted in OVERWHELMINGLY positive outcomes, and I attribute that to this program. I continue to refer this program to my colleagues and students alike, and will forever be grateful for Brandon and Adam.  


Kayl, Paramedic

As a Canadian paramedic student I was concerned I would not receive relevant information with the Pass with PASS content, however with my COPR exam looming over my head I figured what do I have to lose. I used Pass with PASS to help review the foundations that were laid in my program and refresh what I had as knowledge while learning some facts that were directly asked on my exam. Not only did I pass, Pass with PASS made my studying feel a lot easier to understand and I went into my exam calm. I am now a licensed paramedic thanks to Pass with PASS!

Javier, Paramedic

After 4 tries, I finally passed my NREMT-P exam. I went from using multiple sources to just your study guides and the review lectures. I only had 85 questions before it cut me off. If I didn't pass, I was going to study the same exact way with Pass with PASS because I felt it's the best source specific to this cognitive exam.

Dakota, Paramedic

I had unsuccessfully taken National Registry 2 times. Immediately upon using the NREMT Paramedic Review Course, I felt 110% more confident in taking Registry again. The Course not only reinforced the knowledge that I received during school but it provided me with more information that I needed to pass the NR. Thanks to Pass with PASS, I was successful in passing my third attempt at 78 questions!

Mark, Paramedic

Pass with PASS was the real key behind me passing the national registry without a doubt. I would say that roughly 30 to 40 percent of the questions I saw on the registry exam related directly to something that either Adam or Brandon brought up during the class and I was able to answer with confidence.