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An efficient, cheat sheet style packet to help you become competent with the PALS algorithms, to include: symptomatic bradycardia, SVT, V-Tach, Pulseless V-Tach/V-Fib, and Asystole/PEA. This packet also comes with our EKG Identification Chart! Additionally, this packet includes PALS shock algorithms, to include: hypovolemic shock, obstructive shock, septic shock, anaphylactic shock, neurogenic shock, and cardiogenic shock.


Upon purchase, you will receive an email almost simultaneously from SendOwl with a link to download your study guide!


We cannot guarantee that we will not make updates or additions to the cheat sheets after your purchase. However, we do guarantee that if we make any updates within 60 days of your purchase, we will automatically email you a new copy!


These cheat sheets are not intended to replace the entire PALS textbook, however, it is an efficient "cheat sheet" style packet to help you become competent in PALS algorithms! We cannot guarantee the accuracy or validity of the content contained within the cheat sheets. Always consult your local protocol for drug dosages.


Because it is an instant download, we do not offer refunds but please contact us after purchase with any questions or concerns.