NREMT Review/Prep Course

The Pass with PASS program has proven to be the missing link for our students over the past 2 courses. With the change for Illinois paramedic programs over to NREMT testing, COVID, and internal program instructor issues, the hill was a steep one to climb! After seeing poor first-attempt pass rates on the NREMT exams from our students, I began researching study programs that were both cost-effective, and manageable. The Pass with PASS program breaks down content into very doable, bite-sized pieces that do not overwhelm the learner. The presentation format is effective in that it appeals to the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners- and the instructors are extremely knowledgeable. Our students' next attempts at the NREMT have resulted in OVERWHELMINGLY positive outcomes, and I attribute that to this program. I continue to refer this program to my colleagues and students alike, and will forever be grateful for Brandon and Adam. 

-TJ, Paramedic Program Director

​As a Canadian paramedic student I was concerned I would not receive relevant information with the Pass with PASS content, however with my COPR exam looming over my head I figured what do I have to lose. I used Pass with PASS to help review the foundations that were laid in my program and refresh what I had as knowledge while learning some facts that were directly asked on my exam. Not only did I pass, Pass with PASS made my studying feel a lot easier to understand and I went into my exam calm. I am now a licensed paramedic thanks to Pass with PASS!

-Kayl, Canadian Paramedic

​Hey guys, just received my results earlier this afternoon and finally got my Paramedic certification! After 6 attempts (yes I said 6) and another round of medic school, I finally passed the NREMT-P! I just wanted to thank you because your videos and Paramedic NREMT Study Guide really helped me achieve this goal. I really don’t think I could’ve done it without your help. I just wish I was exposed to Pass with PASS earlier when I began my road to my medic, it definitely would’ve shortened up my attempts! I highly recommend 12 out of 10 this information to anyone who’s aiming to tackle the NREMT and succeed! Can’t thank y’all enough, now I can continue my career as a FF/Paramedic​.​


​Just wanted to say thank you so so much for all the effort that you two have put into this page and your website! Your insta page, study guides and lectures were my main source of studying for the Paramedic NREMT. Finding you guys was a lifesaver for me, our class got really messed up with COVID and we have been out of didactic for almost 2 years now. I just received my results and I passed my first try! My test cut off at 80 questions, I was shocked! I really don’t think I would’ve passed if it weren’t for this page!


I completed the CAT on August 23 for my Paramedic Certification. Today, I received my results and can report that I passed! Your program contributed to this victory and I'm happy to share this achievement with you. Your program is effective and to the point. Keep up the great work!


My license and gold patch has finally come in! I want to thank you guys tremendously for helping me pass the nremt! I honestly believe you guys are the soul reason I passed on my third attempt. It is a great honor to have learned from you guys. I can’t begin to thank you enough for being a part of the start up of my career. I have told everyone I know to use your website. Even at my department I am working at I tell all are  medic riders to use pass with pass immediately to start preparing for the test. I wish you guys the best in running an amazing business and teachings. Once again thank you so much!

-Kevin (Paramedic NREMT Review Lecture Bundle)

After four tries, I finally passed my NREMT-P exam. I went from using multiple sources to just your study guides and the review lectures. I only had 85 questions before it cut me off. If I didn't pass, I was going to study the same exact ay with Pass with PASS because I felt it's the best source specific to this cognitive exam"

-Javier (Paramedic NREMT Review Lecture Bundle)

I finally passed! I want to thank you guys so much for everything you guys do! Your program helped me out to the max. Totally helped me understand what I couldn't grasp when I was in paramedic school. With COVID, I wasn't motivated, but your program gave me the confidence I needed to pass! I couldn't have done it without the material and the way you guys teach it! Truly made a difference! Thank you guys again and I will recommend you to any future paramedic students!

-Alex (Paramedic NREMT Review Lecture Bundle)

Awesome news! Once again, Pass with PASS has another victory! Watched all the EMT review lectures last week and went over the study guides. I took the cognitive via the at-home option a few days ago and found out this morning that I passed! Thank you for your educational support!

-Ben (EMT NREMT Review Lecture Bundle)

I just finished the first lecture and am starting the second. I just want to thank you for making a great product. No bashing, but being honest - our paramedic program was a disaster. It was an 18-month program and we went through 6 different program coordinators, 5 different instructors, and sometimes no instructors. Also, COVID happened and we went online using Zoom, death by PowerPoint. So, I have been playing a lot of "catch up". I've never felt confident in any of the material. 

The first lecture did more for me than anything did in class. I have my 2nd attempt in 10 days and the lectures and study guide will become my life until then. My only regreat is not finding out about you guys sooner!

-Anonymous (Paramedic NREMT Review Course/Lecture Bundle)

I wanted to reach out to say thank you! I PASSED my NREMT-P on the first attempt! Your prep lectures were a big part of my studying and ultimately the reason for my success. I have passed on information about you to many of my peers!

-Anonymous (Paramedic NREMT Review Course/Lecture Bundle)

Pass with PASS had helped me tremendously in passing the NREMT Paramedic exam. Previously before I heard of Pass with PASS I failed the NREMT Paramedic exam twice. Luckily, before my third attempt a friend of mine told me about the website Pass with PASS. Within the first few videos I learned a great amount of information I never even learned in class. I then ordered tutoring/zoom calls with Adam and he helped me how to read and understand what these questions are asking. Within a three week period of tutoring and pass with pass videos I was able to successfully complete the NREMT Paramedic exam in 80 questions! So anyone about to take the exam or near the end of paramedic school I highly recommend Pass with PASS.

-Kevin (Paramedic NREMT Review Course/Lecture Bundle)

This course has been amazing! I was able to finally cement so many things! I love how easy they make it to understand things! I feel very confident in my knowledge now because of this course! Brandon and Adam are so personable and super quick to return emails and answer questions too! I am so grateful that I found them! Can’t wait to rock this test!

-Rose (Paramedic NREMT Review Course/Lecture Bundle)

Pass with PASS was the real key behind me passing the national registry without a doubt. I would say that roughly 30 to 40 percent of the questions I saw on the registry exam related directly to something that either Adam or Brandon brought up during the class and I was able to answer with confidence.

-Mark (Paramedic NREMT Review Course/Lecture Bundle)

​I have taken the National exam 3 times. The first time, I only used online test and quizzes and 120 questions and failed my first attempt. The second time, I used online quizzes, tests, and your study guide notes. I got 149 questions and got timed out and failed again. 


My third attempt, I did everything again but also bought your online lectures. I got all 150 and had 6 minutes left when I finished and got my results this morning and passed on my third! I’m a visual and audio learner and I thank you guys so much for making the lectures. I have never been so confident going into an exam before until my third attempt. During the exam, I felt like I was doing bad because with each new question that I was getting, I pretty much knew what the answer was or I could narrow my answers down to the right one. 


The reason why I felt I was doing bad was because from my understanding of how the exam works, when you get an answer wrong, the follow up question is suppose to be an easier one. It felt that way because your lectures made sure I was well over prepared. So thank you. My wife and kids are so proud of me and so happy that their dad/husband can get to dedicate more time to them again instead of spending hours and hours a day getting ready for my third attempt.

-Miguel (Paramedic NREMT Review Course/Lecture Bundle)

I passed my NREMT Paramedic!!!! I cannot begin to thank you guys enough for helping me the past month with studying teaching my the ins and outs of how to study and prepare for the for the National exam. Between the videos and tutoring I was able to excel and do my absolute best in passing this exam. After this test I felt defeated immediately because it cut me off exactly at 80 questions. I felt confident in my answers but, still had a misguided feelings about it. Today I found out that was not the case and it is all thanks to you guys. You have helped me tremendously in setting me up for a bright future in a great career path. I can not express the amount of gratitude and respect I have for you guys. I have already told multiple people entering medic school or that are in medic school about your website and tutoring and I will keep telling people about because the results and proof are there. 

-Kevin (Paramedic NREMT Review Course)

Prior to using Pass with PASS I had unsuccessfully taken National Registry twice. Immediately upon using the NREMT Paramedic Review Course including the study guide, I felt 110% more confident in taking Registry again. The Review Course not only reinforced the knowledge that I received during school but it provided me with more information that I needed to pass Registry. Thanks to Pass with PASS, I was successful in passing my third attempt at 78 questions. I highly recommend it to anyone to be successful at taking Registry.

-Dakota (Paramedic NREMT Review Course/Lecture Bundle)

I recently passed the National Registry thanks to Pass with PASS. I took the test twice before signing up with this program. This program equipped me with the tools and resources I needed to confidently pass my next attempt. I quickly noticed my test prep review scores increasing, my retention and understanding of the material increasing, my confidence was going up and I felt more prepared for the exam than I did for the previous two exams. 

-Marlon (NREMT Paramedic Review Course/Lecture Bundle)

After taking the PASS with PASS program I feel like I'm more ready to take the NREMTP exam than in the past. I feel I gained more information and tips and tactics than what I learned in school.

-Zack S. (NREMT Paramedic Review Course/Lectures)

I really enjoyed the Pass with PASS paramedic review class. The course was spread out over a couple weeks was extremely beneficial to me. I strongly recommend this class.

-Zach M. (NREMT Paramedic Review Course/Lectures)

I've used a few different study programs and I can tell you that NONE of them prepared me as well for the NREMT paramedic exam as the Pass with PASS program. I cannot speak more highly of the facilitators at Pass with PASS. As long as you put in the work, they will do everything in their power to accommodate you and answer any questions you might have. The material is served up in bite-sized, easily digestible pieces. I can thank Pass with PASS for helping me crush the NREMT exam in only 80 questions, and more importantly, jump starting my career as a paramedic.

-Brandon (NREMT Paramedic Review Course/Lectures)

I wouldn't change a thing about the NREMT Paramedic Review Course. It covers the most pertinent information and has everything you need to know for the National Registry Exam. You don't hear this often from customers, but I believe that the price of the course is too low for the amount of material delivered. Well worth the price!

-Nolan (NREMT Paramedic Review Course/Lectures)

The NREMT Paramedic Review course was extremely helpful. It helped me refresh on things we haven't covered in class for months.

-Ben (NREMT Paramedic Review Course/Lectures)

This review course for the NREMT was absolutely phenomenal! I recommend it to ANY student who is finishing up paramedic school and preparing to take the NREMT-P Cognitive Exam! Taking this course was well worth my time and money, as it helped me feel more comfortable about testing and more confident about working in the field! The course was very well taught, and the instructors are extremely knowledgeable! Throughout the course, Brandon and Adam went above and beyond to ensure student success! In my opinion, this review course is a cut above the rest and a MUST for any paramedic student!

-Marissa W. (Online Live Course, Pennsylvania)

I had taken national registry (Paramedic) 3 times prior to taking this course. The day of the last lecture was the day of my test. I passed. After two years of being out of paramedic school, i passed. If you’re debating on this course... do it! It’s the most helpful course I’ve ever taken. If i can pass registry after using their study guide and courses, then you can too.

-McKayla (Online Live Course, Kentucky) 

This is by far the best review course you can take for the NREMT! I feel like this course has helped prepare me for the NREMT by coving material that I would have never considered. Brandon and Adam are great instructors and are always willing to help! 10/10 recommend!!


Today, I accomplished one of the things I've been working hard on for the past year and a half. It took commitment and a lot of support. I graduated Paramedic school in December 2019. I couldn't take the NREMT until June 2020. One of my instructors is a co-founder of Pass with PASS. The guys who created this program care about every student who goes through them, both at that point took me on as a student. They care and are genuine about everyone who is their customer. Without their program they created, I would not have passed. 6 months out of Paramedic school I passed my NREMT Paramedic on my first attempt...all thanks to the study guides and NREMT prep lectures. I highly recommend to anyone. In any kind of way that you can be their student, you won't be disappointed.

-MyKayla (Online Live Course, Kentucky)

Taking the NREMT a few times now these classes really had a few things click for me personally. The way that the instructors teach is incredible and helped me tremendously.

-Mike (Online Live Course, Florida)

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to strive for greatness. I bought the $125 NREMT Review Course and it is a LIFE SAVER. I love it! Thank you!

-Tish (Online Course, Florida)

This course did an outstanding job of covering all the essential material needed. I completed my paramedic program in March 2020. Due to the COVID19 closures I was unable to schedule my exam until June 2020. Enrolling for this course was the best decision I could have made since I couldn’t take my exam right away. I took the NYS paramedic exam yesterday and passed with high scores! I plan on taking the NREMT P soon and my confidence could not be any higher going in! Thank you for developing such an incredible course!

-Christine (Online Live Course, New York)

I learned a lot more here than I did my entire medic class.

-Luis (Online Live Course, California)

What I loved most about this course was just how comprehensive it was! I also really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the instructors and their willingness to go above and beyond for their students! In my opinion, this was a perfect review for someone like myself, who had just finished paramedic school and was ready to test. In the lectures, I like how certain disease processes were compared to one another side-by-side and defining characteristics were highlighted in red. I feel as though this presentation tactic made it much easier for me to differentiate between similar conditions that I will likely encounter working in the field as a paramedic. I also liked that the entire review course was broken down into 2-hour segments.

-Anonymous (Online Course)

This class is very well taught. The instructors are very well educated and it shows. Adam and Brandon take their time to break down the topics into terms and techniques that make the material easier to understand and grasp. I would highly recommend this course to anyone prepping for the NREMT-P test. The material has helped me and eased the pre-test stress. I feel ready and prepared for the NREMT-P test!

-Zack S. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

Very helpful, wish I could take the Registry the following day. I saw a dramatic increase in my overall knowledge and scores after this class. Without a doubt, if you study their study guide, you will pass. I have tried many online resources with less effect.

-Mason F. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

A broad spectrum review from solid instructors who are up to date on the NRP exam and have a good idea of what areas to focus on to study. Worth all of the time spent in class to help prepare for the NRP and the real world.

-Arianna C. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

Extremely informative. It really helped piece together all the information over the last year. Highly recommend taking this before the National Registry! 

-Sheila J. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

This class is fantastic! I feel exponentially more prepared and more confident to take on the NREMT. This is the study guide that I have been looking for. It allows me to recognize the areas I need to review and feel more confident about areas I'm prepared in.

-Joe S. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

Great course, instructors are amazing! Easy to understand and really helps with realizing what I need to touch up on along with reassuring and making the connection stronger of what I do know.

-Braden M. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

The amount of years of knowledge between education and experience is shown. The program is well put together with hitting the major aspects for National Registry testing. Each presenter is very knowledgeable. They are able to make the light bulb click to have everything come full circle and you completely understand.

-Matthew V. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

The course material is very well presented and well thought out. It gave me the info of how the National Registry would present it on a test. The instructors were very knowledgeable regarding all topics. A very no B.S. class that is much needed.

-Craig S. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

I was able to take a lot from this course. It makes me feel better prepared for the National Registry. I enjoyed the material presented in a fast pace with changing of presenters. Both presenters have a great knowledge of the material and do not read from the slides. I would pay over $300 for this course. I was able to stay keyed in at all times during the 16 hours of lecture. Thank you for taking your time to host this class!

Chad L. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

Very, very informative program. A lot of information covered in a short amount of time but effectively delivered. Perfect preparation for anyone taking the National Registry within the next few weeks.

-Keiara S. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

This class was amazing! It was like every thing you had to know over the last year was given to you in two days. I feel 100% better about taking the Registry.

-Andrew S. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky) 

It hit a lot of content that I haven't seen all year and was a great refresher. Even learned new content.

-Sean W. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

Very good at breaking down the info and how to understand what the NR is looking for you to know. Have a good understanding of the NREMT process.

-Darrell L. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

There is lots of great material. Really made me feel more comfortable with material for Registry.

-Tyler S. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

I am very thankful for having this class before taking the National Registry Examination.

Ryle B. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

I thought the instructors were very involved and wanted to be there to teach. I feel that I learned more in this class than I did the trauma section of the paramedic program. The instructors made the information fun to learn and did not make it feel like long days.

Jordan H. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

This class was very beneficial to reviewing everything we went over in 12 months in 16 hours. Both instructors were very intelligent and informative. Very good class that I would recommend to every paramedic student getting ready to take then NR-P written!

-Corey S. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

Very informative, a lot of valuable information give to you rapidly that hits all the high notes that would be on the test and stuff you might have forgotten.

-Kyle R. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

Course was extremely well structured, topics did not drag out and really focused on the important parts. Both instructors were excellent with their delivery of the material.

-Zach M. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

Before this class I was worried, and I guess you can say scared of the test. This course helped relieve some stress and anxiety. The instructors were very knowledgeable with the courses taught. I would recommend this class to everyone.

-Cory M. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)


This course is a fast paced review. It is perfect for reviewing before the National Registry. It covered a lot of things I needed from the beginning of our paramedic class.

-Erin B. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

After being out of class for six months, I have learned more in these two days than I have in weeks of studying.

-Cameron B. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

Overall great, would recommend this to anyone. Reinforced knowledge and refreshed slightly forgotten areas. More confident about the test.

-Kela M. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)

Great highlights of every topic. It really helped clear up confusion that I had with endocrinology.

-Seth D. (Live Course, Northern Kentucky)


Continuing Education Classes

I was able to attend the online EKG interpretation class and it was great! I just recently acquired my provisional paramedic license and take my practical next month. Due to covid-19 slowing everything down, I hadn't had any time to meet with my instructor to practice and get help and had become slower and even more unsure of myself when reading the EKG. Enter Brandon and Adam with Pass with PASS! The online lecture was two hours but it flew by and they had tons of great info and I was even able to participate and make sure I was really understanding the information. I thought it was great and I would highly recommend it to any paramedic student or new paramedic who what's to get a little extra help before going out ALS on their own! 5/5

-Phillip (12 Lead EKG Interpretation for Paramedic Students Course)

Great CME, I learned something new and the cost is extremely affordable.

-Ryan (ACS & 12 Lead ECG Interpretation)

I just finished the 12 lead EKG video and I LOVED it!  Very thorough and I wish I would have had it months ago!  This will absolutely help new medic students! If I hadn't been in your review class 2 weeks ago, I would still be struggling.  So thank you first for those and then for sure for this!  I feel that this video breaks it down very well and makes things make a ton of sense! I also love that you guys speak slowly and clearly, with clear visuals and 12 lead papers to look at and interpret.  Thank you for going through all of those 12 leads.  Much needed and welcomed practice!

-Rosalie (12 Lead ECG Interpretation Lecture)


If you are struggling with passing the NREMT-Paramedic written exam, you are in the right place. I had been out of paramedic school for nearly two years and was struggling with passing the written exam. It was the last hurdle I had to overcome. I took the exam multiple times and had failed. I ended up doing some research and found Brandon's tutoring services and am so happy I did! I sent Brandon my previous test results and he came up with a customized plan for me and helped me in the areas I was struggling with. Brandon breaks down subjects well and makes them easier to understand. Brandon went above and beyond in helping me in the areas I needed and strategies to pass the exam. After multiple tutoring sessions Brandon believed that I was ready to take the exam. The next time I took the exam I PASSED! If you are struggling to pass I am confident that Brandon and his team will help you in being successful. Do yourself a favor and stop wasting time and invest in yourself. You too can Pass with PASS! Good luck.
-Mike G (Boston)

I had my first tutoring session with Brandon, specific to 12 leads. After just one session, I am already feeling more confident in reading EKGs as I prepare for my psychomotor exams coming up in just a few short weeks. If you are looking for a bit of extra help to get you ready for your Paramedic exams...these are the guys to go to. 

-Stephanie (Texas)

Absolutely rate their tutoring a 10/10! I highly recommend anyone who is struggling with EMT/PARAMEDIC get this tutoring you will NOT regret it.


Study Guides

Watched all the lectures, downloaded all the study guides. First try on my test and it cut off at 70 questions, thought I failed. Got my results later in the day and I passed. Thank you guys!


Thank you! I bought the entire Paramedic study guide bundle near the end of didactic. I slowly read through everything since then throughout my clinicals and field internship. Then, I read the entire thing in three days and took my National Registry yesterday and passed at 83 questions! I truly believe that you guys made that possible. Thank you again!


The study guide was so helpful. I took the NREMT 3x prior to this. This time, it just clicked. The study guide was so valuable and helped me gain the confidence I needed to pass the exams. I am giving away my other books and keeping the study guide so that I can always review it. 


Thank you so much! I recommend every EMT student preparing to take the NREMT buy one of your study guides! I couldn't have passed without it!


Passed on my first attempt and stopped at 80 questions exactly! Used the Paramedic Study guide bundle and had a lot of questions that were covered in the study guides that I wouldn't have remembered otherwise! Thank you!


I passed! Cannot tell you how thankful I am for your guides, not too mention the multiple extensions. You guys do great work and I will definitely pass on the word for anyone looking for solid study material. I’ll be back for the paramedic package when the time comes. Thank you so much. 


I bought the NREMT Paramedic Study Guide. It helped me understand a lot of things I didn't from Medic School. It really, "Dumbed it down." 


Their study guides are phenomenal! I seriously cannot say enough good things about their products! When I was getting ready for my NREMT, I used their study guides and passed at 80 questions!


The information in the study guides is extremely helpful when studying for the NREMT Paramedic Exam. I used the study guide to help prepare and was able to pass my first time. The way everything was explained helped to further understand how things work. Would recommend Pass with PASS to anyone preparing for the National Registry Test.


I passed my Paramedic written test and the ONLY study material I used was your Paramedic study guide! Thank you!


I am a second year paramedic student from Alberta, Canada. I wanted you to know that I bought your Paramedic NREMT Study Guide and even though our scope is a little different, it is fantastic! Lots of the concepts are written in the perfect way for me to understand everything so much easier and actually remember it! I've had a lot of issues with understanding pharmacokinetics with certain drugs and after I went through the study guide, I was like, "oh wow, that makes so much sense!" and wondered why I didn't get it before!


Being in school while a full time mom and a full time real estate agent has come with lots of challenges. When the day is done for most people my day begins late at night and ends in the wee hours of the morning.  This leaves me with little to no sleep. I read the text book, took notes and realized I was rewriting the textbook. Then I discovered Pass with PASS...this is genius, the work is done more me. This has saved me countless hours and all the key points I need to know and understand is broken down into an organized and concise format. This is really what I have been looking for for the last year. Every student should invest in these notes. The pictures included help you understand anatomy better. This is worth every penny and I cannot wait for more guides to be released. I’m going to crush NREMT using these notes! Thank you Adam and Brandon for coming up with a great solution for busy students!


Just wanted to say I did NOT pass my NREMT the first time. THEN I bought your study guide and KILLED it the second attempt. The EMT study guide is quick and dirty tips that are straight to the point. Thank y'all!




I used Pass with PASS to study for my NREMT for a week before my test and passed on the first try with ease! Pass with PASS seriously saved me and broke it down so much easier! I even used it the morning of my test while waiting in the parking lot!


First time I took the NREMT I did not pass, it kicked me off at 84 questions and I was a bit let down. I saw Pass with PASS on Instagram and figured I'd give it a shot. I purchased the NREMT EMT Study Guide and thoroughly went through it several times as well as created note cards for everything in the study guide. I studied for 2 hours everyday for 30 days and retook my exam today. I'm so happy I passed the test with out stressing at 70 questions! Feeling grateful!


The EMT study guide is direct and straight to the point, with just the information I need.


Without a doubt, if you study their study guide you will pass. I have tried many online resources with less effect!


This is the study guide that I have been looking for. It allows me to recognize the areas I need to improve and feel more confident about the areas I'm prepared in.


I was successful in completing my NREMT thanks to these amazing study guides! The paramedic guide focused on the details of what I needed to know and then the individual topics helped me with the more in-depth details in the areas I struggled with! Thank you, Pass with PASS!


The paramedic study guide is the glue that pieces all the information together. I would recommend it to anyone, no matter your experience level.


I used the study guide and another book but I liked the study guide more. Especially how it had the comparison between two different illnesses. I think the information that was on the study guide was what was on the test. I really studied the study guide the 2 weeks before the test and it has helped clear things up for me.


I just got my Cardiology Study Guide!! It was stupid easy to order/download! I like how extremely simple yet thorough each page is! Can't wait to get the Paramedic NREMT Study Guide!


Love them, read them daily. Constantly making notes and trying to absorb and review all of it! They are clear and straight to the point and broken down to understand the information that gets confusing in the textbooks!


I can't begin to thank you for the amazing reviews that ALL of YOUR STUDY GUIDES provided! They were a definite reason for my SUCCESS!!