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NREMT Updates: Initiatives + Transformations

Source: NREMT

Lots of developments have been shared by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) over the past 36+ months -- so I thought I would dedicate this week's entry around the most impactful initiatives and how they may affect you and your agency. For organization purposes we will go in chronological order.

February 2020 -

NREMT launched the National EMS-ID number to meet the needs of the EMS Compact and link EMS licensure records across multiple states. Think about your career - lots of EMS professionals aren't static - they move around and often settle down in states that differ from where their initial training was completed. We can't forget we are part of a national system.

Additionally, keep in mind that nearly 10 years ago a large transition was made which included level and nomenclature changes. NREMT-B and NREMT-P are no longer a thing - these credentials have been replaced with NREMT and NRP respectively.

Fall 2021 -

The ALS Redesign and cognitive exam transformation begins and is still ongoing. This will include some scenario-based questions and other exam improvements to ensure our field providers continue to stay top notch. The exam will be of higher fidelity which in turns means it will be of higher quality, but also be more "real" with greater alignment to what we actually do. The work continues even today to ensure that they don't increase the cognitive load to the point of overwhelming the participants and thereby decreasing the amount of learning that actually happens.

Summer 2022 -

The reading level of the exams are not slated to change and will continue to be developed at a 10th grade reading level.

Multiple choice questions will now be mixed with scenarios and technology enhanced items (TEI's). The TEI's will vary and could include option boxes, drag and drop, sequencing and list building. Partial credit for student responses is still being evaluated as a possibility. The data collection to fully answer this question is still a work in progress.

In light of the more expanded and all-encompassing cognitive examination - the psychomotor exams will be sunset. Ex. (if a student takes the extended cognitive exam in or after December 2023 -- they will have completed all of their exam requirements)

The image below helps you visualize what the finished project will look like: