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NEMSIS: Data = Healthcare Currency

The National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) behind the scenes quietly, but efficiently packs a big punch and its existence is a vital part of our industry's infrastructure. The National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) is the national system used to collect, store and share EMS data from the U.S. States and Territories. NEMSIS develops and maintains a national standard for how patient care information resulting from prehospital EMS activations is documented. This information is voluntarily submitted to the National EMS Data Repository at NEMSIS by State and Territory EMS Officials.

Why does this database matter and what does it influence?

Below are just a few examples -- this list in non-exhaustive -- in short, we are ALL impacted!!.

  • Assists in developing training cirricula

  • Evaluates outcomes (patient and EMS Systems)

  • Provides valuable information surrounding areas of need/improvement

  • Facilitates research efforts - a previous blog post

  • Helps determine fee schedules + reimbursement rates

  • Addresses resources for disaster preparedness

HOW IT ALL COMES TOGETHER: (Dataset population)

Keep in mind, the currency or data (xml files) can be moved from one location to another

Source: NEMSIS

The NEMSIS V3 Dataset serves as the backbone, then -

The state can select additional elements from the dataset according to their needs (retaining the national elements)

The local agencies may then select even more elements that are specific to their needs (retaining the national elements)