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This study guide covers trauma up to the initial paramedic education level.


This comprehensive study guide focuses on multiple facets of trauma to include: kinematics & mechanism of injury, burns, soft tissue injuries, head, face, and neck trauma, spinal cord injuries, chest injuries, abdominal injuries, orthopedic trauma, and types of shock.  This study guide is 49 pages in length and comes a PDF download. The Pass with PASS founders have over 30 years of experience in EMS education. Over those 30 years, they have compiled study guides with what they have found to be the most important information not only in paramedic education, but also to beat the NREMT!


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This guide is not intended to replace the entire trauma section of the paramedic textbook! However, it is meant to serve as a comprehensive yet efficient review of trauma! We cannot guarantee the accuracy or validity of the content contained within the study guide. Always consult your local protocol for drug dosages.


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