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Tips to Pass the NREMT

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

You will hear a lot of "tips and tricks" to pass the NREMT exam on the first-time. Some will be helpful, some...not so much. Here's ours, in no particular order...

*Know medical terminology - the NREMT is not going to say "difficulty breathing" they are going to say "dyspnea" This is one of the biggest mistakes students make walking into the exam.

*Read every question twice, even if it's one sentence long - read it again. We work with a lot of students who simply misread or skip over critical terms.

*Mentally, place yourself in the back of an ambulance and picture the patient in front of you. Don't think of it as a fictitious question - buy in!

*Get down to two answers and then read the question again (yes, a third time). Look for any keywords of vital signs that would rule out one of those answers. The NREMT exam is difficult, but it's fair - the information you need to correctly answer the question is there, you just have to find it!

*If you are on a question and you have no idea as to what the correct answer may be - just chalk it up to a pilot question. Maybe it's a pilot question or maybe it's a scored question - we will never know. But, you CANNOT let questions live in your head once you've hit the "Next" button.

*Take a breath...seriously, breathe . Lean away from the computer, close your eyes, exhale. Regain your focus.

*Beat the test one question at a time - once you hit the "Next" button, that question is gone...there is no reason to continue to think about it. You can't go back.

*IGNORE THE QUESTION NUMBER . One of my biggest pet peeves...who cares about what question number you are on!! If you want to be the real MVP of the class - don't tell your peers what question number you were cut off at before you found out you passed. You are only adding to their anxiety.

*IGNORE THE TIMER - less than 1% of candidates run out of time - you need to be aware of it, but don't let the timer start answering the questions for you.

Oh, and of course, we think our Study Guides and NREMT Review Courses are pretty great...

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-Pass with PASS

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